Adventures in letterpress in Guelph, Ontario


In Uncategorized on December 3, 2010 at 9:58 pm

I printed a half issue of my zine a few weeks ago (a mini one sheet 11×17 fold-out), but have been neglecting this blog. It took me many more hours to print than anticipated because I had to redistribute the type in order to get the necessary letters four times. I had way less Bodoni (or a similar yet to be identified typeface) 18pt than I thought. I wrote out a story called Marathon, Ontario about getting stuck in said town this last summer, and incorporated some of my favorite lyrics from a song by the band From The Depths. I finished this off in great haste in order to hand some out at Expozine in Montreal, and didn’t end up getting in there until almost 4am. Then, on the way back I got a flat tire on the 401 just an hour and half from Guelph, and ended up having to drive slowly on the back roads on my spare, and finally got home at 5am. Maybe writing about the concept of marathons in our lives angered the universe or something…

This was my first time trying to get a very light impression with the press, so that it didn’t mess up the photocopied text on the backside of the page. I was very pleased with the results, as in days of old the mark of a good letterpress printer was that there was no impression left, but I was a bit disappointed as the prints I’ve made with deep impressions definitely garnered more “ooohhs” and “ahhhs” from friends.

  1. Ah, you don’t want to doing anything more than kiss impression anyway, especially with a typeface like Bodoni — those serifs are so thin, they’ll wear down quickly with rough use. Congratulations on the job!

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